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Irish Jewel by snarkydreamer

I will be accused of bias on this one, because you are my lass. Naysayers can suck a nut. It is what it is.

Before I pick apart the photo, anyone reading this needs to understand that this photograph was taken with a Droid Evo phone, using Instagram. That being said, the limitations of the equipment used do NOT detract from the overall value of the image itself. She was working with what she HAS, not some Nikon Epicness.

That being said, the eyeball thing has been done so much that is seems almost obligatory anymore, but she has not posted one of these herself, so I thought it merits a critique.

The color filter on the picture gives it an almost magazine-like countenance, circa 1985 or so. It makes me think about new-wave bands and parachute pants. Just sayin. It has that vibe to it, for me at least.

The artifacts in the image are due to the size adjustment caused by Instagram itself, but that only makes the image look more run-down to me, which is rarely a bad thing. I like used-up photos. It makes me feel connected to the world in a tattered/fraying fabric sort of way.

This image is obviously not going to end up in National Geographic anytime soon, but it is not a bad shot from someone who has an eye for photography, but has less experience with it than some of us. Don't knock it, till you try it, as they say.

Beautiful, engaging, and a good start!
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